Welcome! Sit back, relax and read

Image Credit: Tina Kugler

Image Credit: Tina Kugler


This blog will be my platform to not only discuss my favorite children’s books (and to spread the love) but it will also be about diversity in children’s literature. You may or may not already know about the We Need Diverse Books movement by now. If you don’t, it’s something you should definitely check out. Why? Because all types of children should be able to see positive role models in the books they read. They should be able to walk into any bookstore or library and pick up a book that has a kid on the cover who reminds them of themselves. As far as diversity in race/ethnicity goes, the stories of people of color are not limited to historical non-fiction/fiction. Let’s share these diverse stories and celebrate them because we all benefit from them. 🙂

Welcome to Read It Real Good! Do-do do do do do-do do do do do…



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