Warrior Girl Unearthed – Releases May 2nd

May 2nd is the Book Birthday of Angeline Boulley’s next thriller, WARRIOR GIRL UNEARTHED. Be sure to head out to your local bookstore or pick up a copy from a Black-owned online retailer like Brain Lair Books through their Bookshop page or through a Native-owned bookshop like Birchbark Books.

I can’t wait to give my mind and spirit some rest this summer. I look forward to picking up books I haven’t had time to enjoy due to a busy school year.

Congrats on another book, Angeline! And congrats to the entire team at Macmillan that worked to bring these books into the world.

Book Tour information is below if you’d like to see Angeline in a city near you. 🙂 Take care and have a good week.

#WarriorGirlUnearthed #FirekeepersDaughter #NativeYA #NativeThriller


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