Silver Linings: It’s Tough to Lose Your Balloon & A Good Day

ToughToLoseBalloon copy

Image Credit: Alfred A. Knopf (Penguin Random), Jarrett J Krosczka


Image Credit: Greenwillow Books (HarperCollins), Kevin Henkes

Searching for the positive, for the silver lining, can be pretty rough. When you’re knee deep in sadness and frustration, it’s almost impossible to see the bright side. A big part of growing up is learning how to bounce back from these moments and A Good Day and It’s Tough to Lose Your Balloon beautifully & creatively discuss this topic for children.

In A Good Day, four young animals have a bad day; little yellow bird loses his favorite feather and the other animals also face frustrating situations. But then, things slowly get better for each of them and even a little girl’s day brightens. This small book packs a big punch; it’s about relationships, interconnectedness and perspective. Sometimes things don’t get better but usually they do. The story is lovely in its pacing, format and emotion. The art is, as usual for Henkes, strikingly simple. Children will enjoy looking at the bright watercolor animals. I love how he draws their furrowed brows! 

It’s Tough to Lose Your Balloon is also full of sad faces and furrowed brows but there are plenty of smiles too! The book opens with a happy little brown boy who loses his balloon but…that same run-away balloon makes his grandma smile from her airplane seat. A little girl, while enjoying her day at the beach, drops her sandwich in the sand…but the seagulls are happy for the snack! And so the story continues; every spread starts with a typical problem of childhood that’s resolved by looking at the bright side. Though something seems horrible, maybe there’s another side to the situation that’s pretty neat! Krosoczka’s illustrations are very fluid and energetic. I love how he uses shape, line and color; his art is so bright. I also love how diverse the children in the book are; all children experience tough times!

Life can be tough but these books can start great discussions with your child. We all have good days & bad days and frustrating moments & happy moments but it’s important to remember that life is a series of experiences. Keep chugging along and search for those silver linings.  😉

Recommended for: All Ages
Great for: Looking On the Bright Side, Positivity, Silver Lining, Animals, Friendship, Relationships, Diversity, Community, Family, Motivation, Discussion, Perspective
Book Info: It’s Tough to Lose Your Balloon by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, 2015 Alfred A. Knopf (Penguin Random House), ISBN: 9780385754798

Recommended for: All Ages
Great for: Looking on the Bright Side, Positivity, Silver Lining, Animals, Family, Motivation, Discussion, Perspective
Book Info: A Good Day by Kevin Henkes, 2010 Greenwillow Books (HarperCollins), ISBN: 9780061857782


2 thoughts on “Silver Linings: It’s Tough to Lose Your Balloon & A Good Day

    • readitrealgood says:

      They’re really good! Can’t go wrong with Henkes. I’ve never read that one; it’s on my list.

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