Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone

2015 was a great year for books and for me because I had the pleasure of jumping into so many amazingly creative stories and I was able to share these stories with you, my readers. So thank you for your support and interest in my wee little blog! I’m so pumped for all that’s to come this year. 2016 will be amazing! I can feel it…

The first three books I’m choosing to celebrate the New Year are all about relationships. As I spent time with my friends and family over the Christmas and New Year holiday, when I think about the most important relationships in my life, I’m amazed at how special a REAL GOOD relationship is to one’s spirit and emotional health. There’s nothing quite like it. And so, I hope you enjoy my upcoming reviews for Ask Me, Growing Up Pedro, and The Sea Tiger!

~Wishing you a year of health, happiness and blessings~


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