The Art of the Recommendation


2NE1, YG Entertainment

Recommending books is like a dance; you give a little, they give a little, you try to figure out what it is they want and why.

Sometimes people don’t really want recommendations, they just want someone to brainstorm with and then they pick what they want. Some people come in with open arms, and take ALL THE BOOKS because they simply want to be done with THIS BOOK GIFT THING. Others listen intently, they seem excited about all the books you give them, and half an hour later you find all your awesome books hidden in a corner. Ah, that one always hurts…Amirite booksellers? Haha

We booksellers have the ability to effectively use our book knowledge to give you what you need; you generally trust us, so thanks for that. 😉 The perfect recommendation is when you see how happy the customer is with the books you place in their hands; it’s in their faces and body language (they keep smiling down at the books). You know that you did well; that they’re leaving store with EXACTLY what they came in for and that’s a great feeling!


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